When we were young.

Dear Diary, 

Being a young adult is hard. You can be forced into maturity like 0 to 100 real quick bro.You can’t be inquisitive, playful, can’t throw tantrums anymore. You’ll be told things like ” You’re no longer a baby” or “Aren’t you too old to be doing that?”

But you’ll also want to do somethings and you’ll be told ” You’re too young” or “You’re not old enough to do that”. And the adult age differs round world , I mean why?.Can’t y’all make up your mind?.

 I personally believe this is the hardest stage in life. It determines a lot of things, how your parents will treat as you grow older, What you wanna become, you start making choices and decisions like what to wear, very hard right? I know. Okay lets be serious. You have decisions like what you wanna study , a career path, not to mention the compulsory search (this applies to the females mostly) to find the perfect life partner. All this bull crap.

And don’t get me started on how your parents won’t agree with the decisions you’ve taken and the friends you have, leading to continuous agruments and fights. If you have religiously stricts parents you’ll be able to relate to my life .Considering the fact that you didn’t pass through the rebellious stage you had to skip in your teenage years,you still can’t have any fun. It’s sad.

It’s too bad this stage didn’t come with a free trail, I mean we would have been more prepared right?

Song suggestion: Twenty One Pilots – Guns for Hands. 

Stay AliveĀ 

Depression is something I’m not new to. If I say I don’t have days where I just cry and get extremely tired of life I’m lying.

I don’t have my life completely figured out , but who has? . Life is a journey isn’t it? . I think that would be my motivation whenever I feel like ending it . I should get to the end of the road yeah? I mean if Cinderella ended it when her step mom and sisters were being assholes then she won’t have met her Prince Charming right? Maybe my fairy godmother is taking some time to get to me or waiting for the prince to throw a ball.

Just because things are tough and hard now doesn’t mean it’s gonna be like that forever. So hold on , the best is yet to come. Stay alive.

Song: Twenty One Pilots – Truce .

Hello Flawless Skin

Dear Diary,

I’ve got acne all up on my face and sometimes it hurts, not just physically but also emotionally .


I look at the mirror and I really don’t like what I see. Is being pretty so hard to achieve?. I’ve tried, gone on diets, tried different products,different home remedies. I’m still trying all them things cos I wanna look at the mirror and be happy with what I see.

2017 hasn’t exactly been awesome but I just know it’s gonna be my year. I’m just hoping I get my flawless face soon.

Song of the day: Adele – Hiding my heart 

Love Ese.