How Well Have You Lived?

Dear Diary,

Its been a long day without you my friend and I’m here to tell you ’bout it la-la-la-la-la-la (My version and yes I’m actually singing). Its been a while. Summer has come and gone, too bad yeah? Till next year again before we start working on summer bodies, sigh.

Sooooo, I was on Twitter whiling away time, like I always do (Twitter addict) when I came across a tweet that said the world is ending September 23. Wow I know right, I wanted to have kids before all that. Nooooooo. I doubt it’s true tho, but we’ll just have to see yeah?. What if it true?, how well have you lived?. I think I’ve spent my years learning, oh no not school related things lol I still don’t like school lol. But I have learnt lessons, about betrayal, distrust, oh and my favourite of them all is “Laziness will screw you over”. I think I can say I have lived. Oh the cycle of life lol.

BUT I can’t help but think that there are some many things to be done(I still haven’t met Lily). The statement “Live today like it were your last” or something like that I can’t remember, the statement is underrated. If I actually did that I would have started this all long time ago, would have had a YouTube Channel, would have told my crush I liked him (wink wink) and so many other important things. This is a cliche talk but I’m actually gonna live life to the fullest.

Before I die, I would judge how successful I am by how well I lived. So don’t procastinate and start doing. Do those things you’ve always wanted to do. Start working on your summer body this fall . But most importantly have fun(the good type of fun, don’t wanna be giving bad advice). Don’t do drugs kids. Live life babes.

Song Suggestion: Time of our lives- Pitbull featuring Neyo.

Love Ese.



I love food

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